From furniture arrangement to scale, we share modern design ideas for creating a stylish and functional modern living room.

Today, the great room is the beating heart of the modern home. This open living space—typically connected to the kitchen and containing both modern dining and living room furniture is where family and friends gather, dine, do homework, and entertain. Of course, furnishing and decorating an open, varied area can be a challenge.

What are your top tips for decorating a modern living room?

Giving a large room delineation is important and it’s more than simply putting together different seating arrangements.

All interiors can be personalized to your preferences and the room’s layout and size. Includes furniture, accessories and soft furnishings, all subject to availability

Get more ornate and decorative mirror if you want to add character

The best decorators will creatively merge seemingly contrasting styles into a harmonious union. Out of all the living room decorating ideas, this one is fundamental to exceptional design. So keep your eyes open and achieve mastery of what blends and what doesn’t.

If moving boxes sounds like too much work and your artist skills aren’t exactly up to par there are many different room builders and planners online. All you do is upload an image of the room and start planning!

Choose your color palette

Your color palette can come from a variety of inspiration. There are designers out there who say to take that inspiration from your floor color, others say to use a piece of art, but one of the best ways to create the perfect space for you is to use an item that you truly love. It could be anything from a favorite outfit you wear to a rug. Once your color palette is chosen work backward adding in neutrals to break up the bolder colors. Save the bright colors for the accent pieces, this way if you decide to change things up in a few years you’re not totally locked in.

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